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Original Midi Music Composed by:
Greg Tillotson

This popular file contains 11 piano solos and is
only 150K yet...plays for 45 minutes!

Here's a recent song that did not make it on my CD
"Love Conquers All"
(February 2001)

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Listen to my latest composition titled
"World AT War"
(composed on September 11th, 2001)
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I began composing this song the night I heard about the bombings in New York and have dedicated it to those killed in and their families...as well as those who will give their lives to fight against this terror. Please listen to this composition and then sign my guestbook and let me know how the "War on Terrorism" is impacting your life...especially if you live in Afghanistan!

"World AT War" is being FREELY DISTRIBUTED on the Internet. If you wish to use this composition on a website, please place a link back to this page from your page and sign my guestbook. All other compositions on this site are "NOT" free for distributed.

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Other Original Compositions
Samples of my music in Midi format

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